UK-based Nigerian continues receiving wage in Nigeria two years upcoming relocating

A male Nigerian civil servant who left the rustic for the UK in 2022 has perceivable that he nonetheless receives his per 30 days wage in spite of no longer appearing up at paintings.

The 36-year-old UK taxi driving force, who will likely be known as Daniel because of the sensitivity of the topic, instructed the BBC as reported on Sunday that he receives N150,000 per 30 days from his park of labor in Nigeria, all because of a mutual working out along with his boss.

Not too long ago, the Federal Govt vowed a crackdown on Nigerian authorities employees who had relocated out of the country however nonetheless won salaries.

On Saturday, June 22, 2024, President Bola Tinubu, past expressing dismay on the revelations by way of the Head of the Civil Carrier of the Federation relating to staff who had relocated out of the country past drawing salaries with out officially resigning, ordered that the “culprits must be made to refund the money they have fraudulently collected.”

Tinubu stated, “Their supervisors and department heads must also be punished for aiding and abetting the fraud under their watch,” including that his management would safeguard “those responsible are held accountable and restitution is made.”

Non-government employees have persevered to experience sovereign cash as they receives a commission with out being enlisted within the crowd’s civil provider.

In some alternative instances, community who’ve both vacate their authorities jobs or relocated in a foreign country nonetheless obtain the tranche.

Then again, Daniel, a teenager professional at a central authority company, used to be unbothered by way of the President’s directive, bringing up that what he lately earns in the United Kingdom is upper than the wage he will get from the federal government.

He stated, “When I heard about the president’s directive, I smiled because I know I am doing better here – and not worried.”

When requested why he refused to surrender from his place upcoming relocating out of the country, Daniel stated he idea he would more than likely go back upcoming passing some years out of the country.

“To be honest, I didn’t resign because I wanted to leave that door open in case I choose to go back to my job after a few years,” he retorted.

Daniel is one among a number of Nigerians who’ve relocated out of the country however nonetheless obtain their per 30 days pay from the coffers of the Federal Govt.

In June 2022, the Director-Common, Bureau of Nation Carrier Reforms, Dr. Dasuki Arabi, disclosed that the Federal Govt-backed Integration Team of workers and Payroll Knowledge Machine had uncovered and eradicated about 70,000 ghost employees within the civil provider gadget.

Arabi added that the federal government had stored a minimum of N220 billion, and N10 trillion in the course of the Treasury Unmarried Account because it used to be totally carried out by way of the management of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

Daniel continues to benefit from the ‘free money’ he hasn’t been running for for the moment two years as he stated, “I had a good understanding with my boss and he just let me leave.”

In conventional conditions,  ghost employees in most cases collision offers with their superiors to hide the office, and nearest percentage the salaries.

However for Daniel, it’s a unique ball sport as he stated, “In my case, it wasn’t like that as my boss was a relative.”

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