South Africa’s Ramaphosa Unveils Cabinet with Former Opposition Figures

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has finally announced the composition of his new government of national unity this Sunday. Ramaphosa’s African National Congress was forced to share power with rival parties following the loss of its parliamentary election in May’s elections and the newly unveiled cabinet reflects that. The ANC, still South Africa’s largest party with 40% of votes during the election, will have 20 cabinet posts and the Democratic Alliance, the second largest party, will have six posts. The remaining six posts will be divided amongst the smaller parties. The cabinet retains key ministries like defense, finance, and foreign affairs for the ANC, while the DA, led by John Steenhuisen, will oversee the ministries for home affairs, public works, and agriculture. In a televised speech on Sunday, Ramaphosa assured South African citizens that the new government will focus on rapid, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth for the populace.


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