President El-Sisi Greets Egyptians Occasion of June 30 Revolution Anniversary

The anniversary of the glorious 30th of June Revolution this year asserts the strength of the Egyptian people and their strong sense of belonging to their country, and their identity, which have enabled our nation to withstand and overcome challenges.

Eleven years ago, the Egyptian people proved that they were far stronger than their enemies could ever imagine and far more resilient than those who sought to undermine our nation with their dark terrorism.

Today, the Egyptian people stand as shining examples of determination, solidarity, and unwavering resolve to surmount crises and transform them into opportunities and successes. A great salute to the Egyptian people, its Armed Forces and police, and all those who excel in every field.

On this momentous occasion, I renew my pledge to you and reaffirm that Egypt will never relinquish its determination to overcome all challenges. We pray to the Almighty for His guidance, to forever inspire us to follow the path of righteousness and virtue.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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