Kenyan Anti-tax Protesters Organize New Demonstrations Demanding Ruto’s Resignation

Kenyan protesters are, once again, demonstrating in the streets of Nairobi and other locations in the country to demand the president’s resignation after what many see as his bungled response to last week’s tax hike protests. Even though President William Ruto acceded to protesters’ demand on the finance bill, which sought to raise money to pay off the country’s enormous debt through tax hikes, many remain unsatisfied by how he handled the situation. According to them, the bill’s withdrawal is too little too late, especially since police highhandedness already led to the death of many protesters. The fresh protests, which began peacefully, eventually turned violent. In downtown Nairobi, riot police donning protective gear and carrying wooden clubs charged at the protesters, some of whom hurled stones in retaliation. In Mombasa, Kenya’s NTV television reported that police shot two of the protesters.


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